Fill your plate

Culinary photojournalism is one of my favorite gigs! There is no staging, no fancy backdrops. It is run and gun to create photos and video that capture the event.  

I have had the good fortune to cover a handful of Chef Hopeton’s supper clubs including this latest installment of Flavor Excursions (FE).  Chef Hopeton Hibbert and his wife Oksana have hosted 22 of these culinary excurtions since January 2012. Each one takes a single theme  and expands it into a menu that fills a seven-foot high chalkboard. The themes have included the traditional cuisines of italian and french to more interesting combinations like a “Zombie Dinner” and “Bourbon, Beer & BBQ”.

This supper was billed as a Greek night and a customer-appreciation event for patrons attending more than five FE dinners. Chef Hopeton wanted a short video that would included sound bytes from some of these patrons. 

It’s always a challenge to grab the best shots in both video and stills. Photojournalism has been a great training ground for this type of experiential video. I even created an Instagram video short.


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