Let’s be healthy

My continuing journey into good health has now ventured into the gluten-free lifestyle. Even though I don’t know if I have a sensitivity to wheat products, I do have skin issues like eczema etc. that can be attributed to a wheat sensitivity. At first, I thought I would give it a six-week go, but if you are eating clean giving up gluten is not that big a deal. So I have decided continue on this path and use this as an opportunity to explore different recipes. 

My good friend and Atlanta personal trainer Stacy Booth got together for a meal-prep and photoshoot day. We took some recipes from the New York Times Cooking sections and adapted them to be healthy and gluten-free. 

Both meals followed the protein, starch, veggie combo. 

For meal one, we cooked a lemon chicken, butternut squash, and Brussel sprouts. The chicken recipe was a Lemon & Garlic Chicken with cherry tomatoes which can be found here.  

We cooked the two breasts in a cast-iron skillet using coconut oil. We left out the wine, sugar, flour and cheese. We added extra garlic and lemon slices. The butternut squash recipe was divine. It’s listed hereWe used dried cranberries because currents were impossible to find. Also, cranberries and pecans seemed like a better combo. Brussel sprouts are classic choice. You can not go wrong with this recipe. We added paleo-friendly turkey bacon, shallots, and rosemary. 

Meal two spoke to hamburger cravings. NYT had this recipe. We used a lean ground chicken breast with “smallish” chopped red bell pepper, green bell pepper and onions. To this mixture, we also added, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. As a binding agent, we added one egg and oat bran. Instead of pan frying, we baked them in a 350 degree oven in a cast-iron pan greased coconut oil. 

Rounding of the burger menu we made sweet potato fries and a kale salad. We topped the salad with a lemon garlic dressing. The sweet potato recipe is here

The salad dressing is a basic oil/vinegar combo. Mix a 2-3 cloves of finely chopped garlic and the zest from one lemon with extra virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste. Then stir with a folk/whisk or shake in jar etc. 

If you are doing meal prep, these six recipes can be cooked together. The meals will cover about eight to ten meals for the week. 

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