Website edit

Every article tells me as an editorial & portrait photographer that I need a cohesive voice to present on the view I post to the world. It is just overwhelming – ten years of images from photojournalism assignments, sports, personal projects and commissions.

That anxiety is only increased by the lack of hours I have to perform this exercise. Adult responsibilities require me to work in a dayjob. So I spend eight hours in what I call a “cube farm” then come home to troll through thousands of images every night. I have been second guessing my choices for three months. 

My struggle is in defining myself. I love photojournalism and working in a newspaper. I have shot every type of situation, from food, sports to funerals and church services. My work has been well received but after more than ten years I want to move forward. My heart needs more freedom to use those artistic stirrings . The move to more editorial work means the upcoming months will be filled with personal work until i have that clear niche. 

This website will be consistently updated on my progress and struggle. For now, the first edit of my new Format-based site is mostly complete except continued work on personal projects and the store portion for prints of my work. 

Almost there… 

Using Format